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Text for Page 124 [06-22-1851]

              overhanging stone, there sate and scribbled part of the preceding.   And then
on the high bank, with the tall firs and cedars & hickory beneath me,
and the tranquil river.   A lowering morning, no sun out, looking partly
inclining to rain; to however gloriously change intent in this afternoon.
Wrote letter to Alf &c.   Evening, a walk and bathe, and walk again,
northwards, through the night; the hedges all luminous with fireflies.
Talk with Irishman beside his little Railroad shanty, then return.
  23.  Monday.  A dull foggy morning, the broad river lying sullen
and dark looking, the heads of the tall rocks on the opposite bank hidden
in mist, which here and there floated off also from below; beautiful
exceedingly.     Forrest and the Castle, and about all day.  Day costumed
heavy,  and after noon down came the fresh rain with pleasant sound mid
the leaves.   Not over well, headache and the like,  and   musquito bites having partly
kept me awake overnight, I was fain in the afternoon to lie down on an old
covered bench-settee in the main hall and have an hours doze, risking a mal-
apropos surprise from the great Metamora.   /   Rain over, sun out, and pleasant
smells abroad as I returned to Yonkers.   Reading outside the door during evening.
  24 & 25. Tuesday & Wednesday.   Each day to the Castle, and a bathe at
sunset.  Forrest in and out, sometimes with visitors, sometimes the latter without
him.    A possee of women, once, one of whom, while gazing about, showed her sordid
common-place sail by repeated exclamations of �Oh! what a Fool she must be!� refer-
ring to Forrest�s most unhappy wife. [words crossed out].
  26 & 27. Thursday & Friday.  Castle all day, & bathe at sunset. A lot
of visitors on Thursday morn, inquisitive boys, and girls all bawl, scraggy neck &
legs.     Rain & lightning storm at night.            Finished all I could find to do,
on the Friday even, and after a linger on the topmost turret, took my leave of the
interior of Fonthill Castle. /
  The name of Queen Elizabeth should never be mentioned with un-mixed praise.               
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