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Text for Page 212 [1860]

(I wrote the following lines, which may
properly form a part of this record, in conse-
quence of the heroine asking me to contribute
something to her Album.       Haney and Welles
had, while �Tommy� furnished a drawing.
I offered to follow his example, but that
wouldn�t do.     On my further representing,
half seriously, that I should write take her for
the subject and write something she wouldn�t
care about admitting to the publicity of her al-
bum, of course her request was stimulated.
So I produced the following which didn�t
go into the album and which will hardly
be completed.)

At the first glance you think her plain:
Look at her countenance again.

�Girlish and pleasant, that�s all,� you say,
You see prettier faces every day.

Girlish and pleasant and slim and tall;
With a ready speech and a smile for all;
Her clear-cut profile, calm and fine,
Looking best in repose.    A curious line               
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