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Text for Page 213 [1860]

Horizontally crossing her forehead fair,
Midway between the eyebrows and hair.
A handsome nose, a mouth not small,
Nor large, but simply what you�d call
Reticent, still, satirical,
With just a little latent curl,
Of the upper lip.  Not every girl
Boasts such a shapely, dainty waist;
A lover�s arm around it placed
Would linger there.   Hair, dark and brown,
It might be thicker on the crown,
(That by the way.)  Indefinite eyes
Of the light-gray order, but various dyes
Are blent within them; eyes which I
Think I know clever women by;
Not handsome, nor yet of uncommon size
� Nothing in them to incite surmise
That three or four very different men
Have looked within them, again and again,
Till looking grew longing, and longing, pain,
Because they coveted, and in vain,
In those eyes� mirror, some day to see
A husband�s face.      Well, candidly,
You�d not have thought it.    It would be
Of pretty Mat a likelier story;
Looking at her you�d easily guess
She�d caused heart-twinges more or less;               
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