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	Parton�s Christmas Rhymes
		for 1860.
Last Christmas night we had indeed a poet;
He made his mark!  What other bard can toe it?
Had I to choose a poet for you now,
To close this banquet with a jovial row,
Much as I love you, uncle, aunt and cousins,
And you my friends around in several dozens,
You stalwart gentlemen, you ladies dressy �
Once and all, by Jove!  I�d give you Jesse!

O man of many gifts ingenious!
Our own great Jesse! (for we keep a genius;)
Comedian, editor, humorist and wit,
Besides the poet (nascitur non fit);
But would you know the measure of his pate,
Just stand him up and hear him once orate:
�Once!� do I say?  I must amend my rhymes;
Get him up once you�ll have him twenty
Like him of Rotterdam who had a leg of cork,
Stop he cannot if his words begin to work.
Down town a business man, a seigneur grave,
Able to shave a note and quick a note to shave.
These are not all his gifts, these but conceal
The nobler traits that trial will reveal.               
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