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Text for Page 217

Get into a scrape, my boys!  and need a friend,
You�ll find him true and staunch, you may de-
And, girls! if I should really give you Haney,
If I should cut him up among so many,
Each part, I�m sure, a partner, it would prove,
Good as girls get in the common lottery of love.
But, ladies! no! we must not cut him up!
And e�er again on Christmas night we sup,
May one of you his faithful heart requite,x
And send to all of us a nice gilt-edged invite.
  So much, my friends, for last year�s lively
  Whose tip-top �notice� of myself I thus reward;
  And if he hadn�t given me nary puff
  The above, no more I�d think than quantum
Hail! master of the feast! him next I sing!
Head of this noble house�, great George, our king!
  x Rather an open bit of special pleading, I think,
under the circumstances; I wonder whether Sally�s
cheek flushed at it.            They were all so merry
though that �it passed!�
  � Which he isn�t, except nominally, Mrs E.
being really the head of the family . . .               
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