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Text for Page 218

For twenty years our Christmas punch he�s ming-
That same old punch that�s just around us ting-
A punch the longest phiz abbreviates,
A cap that cheers but not inebriatesx!
It�s been a secret long how Mr Edwards got
The notion of the stuff in yonder gorgeous pot:�
He makes the punch just right I�d have you
Because his worthy self is mingled so.
Of milk and water men we sometimes hear
And men who�ve thought, not think themselves
	small beer;
Now Mr. Edwards, boys! (the rhyme Gaul
	darn it!)
Is just his own immortal punch incarnate!
Long may he wave, and never may he waver
From giving to the punch the genuine Edwards�
x Query!
� From an old lawyer at the London tavern,
who called for �the materials� as they say in
Ireland and compounded punch of such ex-
cellent quality, that Mr Edwards asked the re-
ceipt of him.               
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