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I turn to one I know not how to praise,
Her worth exceeds the trifling song I raise:
The Lady of the House! who spread the fair
Who entertains us oft with generous taste;
Whom to commend, her modest soul �twill vex,
Whom to know well is to revere the sex.
To all her household bounteous save one,
Exacting, rigorous � to herself alone:
While unremitting toil her hand engages
Her soul�s consorting with the souls of sages,
And he, indeed, must be a sage uncommon
Who holds his own with this dread foe of gam-
Men have existed from whose lives
Some honor all the human race derives;
Achieving all that human nature can
By them we are enabled to believe in man:
From her we learn about heaven intended
When the sleeping Adam�s side he (?) rended.
Man�s help-meet! companion equal
Creation�s lovely summary and sequel.
To give man motive o�er the earth to roam
And yet to cheer and constitute his home.
Of woman�s foibles, satirists oft have said
Behold their living answer � Mrs Edwards.               
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