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Text for Page 220

Next to your view your bothered poet brings
The Lady Anne, associate of Kings!
And should a King himself make her his own,
No doubt the lady would become a throne.
She understands, you know, those pretty arts
By which queen�s win and hold their subjects�
And I may add, sirs, �twere a long quest
To find a monarch better used to conquest;
Nor can we doubt that she is crammed with
Who�s spent, at least, one half her life in
So when that King shall into queenship kiss
A miss no more � yet we shall always miss

And now your rhymester in due order passes
To mention make of certain other lasses
Sad girls! these, for oft, as by them goes he,
Great George himself can�t choose but �pass the rosy.�
  x I wonder whether Jim felt any stirring of the
old feeling in his heart as he wrote or read these
line:  They say he was �desperately in love� with
her once.  How she dislikes him, now!               
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