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Three Graces � not the Three, as you may guess,
Our three appear in more expensive dress.
They don�t believe, at all, the poet�s boast
That �beauty unadorned�s adorned the most;�
Nor warning take from Dr Holmes man,
But always dare to look as pretty as they canx
Well! let them! though all the Pecksniff churls
Deride the instinct that bedecks these girls.
To wit; the blooming Sarah, ravager of hearts;
The curled� Martha, gentle queen of tarts,
Eliza, too, who�s puzzled oft this bard enough,
Her music to procure that�s hard enough.
Lucky the fellows who may have it in them
To find out how, at length, to woo and win
Years yet however may they brightly bloom,
The attractive force of this snug basement room.

Now as to Jack, whom next the muse invokes,
That Jack who pours the punch for thirsty folks,
And don�t neglect to take a sip himself,
When he for others dips into the delf:
  x �Since then I never dare to write
	As funny as I can.�
			Holmes� Poem.
� Matty wore her hair in curls, this Christmas, I believe,               
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