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Text for Page 222

If any fault is found in this tall lad,
Excuse enough in Scotia�s bard is had,
Who says, expressly, in a well-known verse,
In words I�ve heard his (?) father oft rehearse,
That nature tried �pon Jack who fills our glasses
Her �prentice hand, then made these lasses O!
With poet Burns, a bible leaf accords,
Which first John Darling Edwardsx name records.
Yet oft, I wish, when this braw lad I see
The dame had tried her �prentice hand on me!
Who is there here will not the assertion back?
No better fellow anywhere than Jack�!
On one point, though, there are some two or
Who don�t at all with this same John agree,
Upon a sister�s lips when �eer he�s kissed her
He something finds that stings him like a blister.�
When some other fellow�s sister he is kissin�
He�ll learn what other fellows think of kissin�.
May Jack to architecture rise from jobbing,
Be more than Wren � Sir John Cock Robin!
  x Jack�s whole name.
  � True O Jim!
  � Sic in M. S. though I don�t see the allusion,
except it be that Jack doesn�t like to be kissed by his sisters.               
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