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What next? to whom now your poet turn?
The rhyme decides �tmust be the Lady Fernx:
Men shouldn�t praise the partner of their lives,
�Tis said, and at a party, scarcely know their
This lady, though I had the luck to win her�
All the world some property claims in her.
I don�t complain! though all the world�s she be,
The exchange is fair � she�s all the world to me!
Respecting this famed authoress, my mate,
I merely wish to night some facts to state,
Her stockings do not show a tinge of blue,
And as to mine, they�re all attended to;
Punctually, she has the mutton on,
Religiously, she sews shirt-buttons on
  �Mrs Jim did not permit the light of her counte-
nance to dazzle our optics on this occasion, nor did
any of that brilliant circle honor us, but Jim him
self and Mr Welles.  Our distress at this cutting
slight was keen, as you may imagine, but with
almost supernatural self-control we managed to 
swallow our agitated feelings and received our
guests with astonishing equanimity considering.�
  (Extract from Sally�s letter to me, dated Dec 29
and received in Charleston, January 3 or 4.)
� Poor Jim! like catching a Tartar from Tartarus.               
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