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Text for Page 226

Small need has Thomas to increase his pelf,
He keeps a Butler when he keeps himself!
Good luck that has so long to him been creditor
Turn the chief Butler into the World�s chief
P. S.  The above was written ere the fiat
	had gone forth,
That Tom should serve his country in the

I fear to tackle Mr Knudsen,
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark�s good son;
Whate�er I say, he will dispute it,
Or do his utmost to refute it;
Defying yet his opposition,
I�ll plant a single proposition:
If I ne�er make another pen-mark,
Professor Knudsen honors Denmark.
A truer gentleman does not breathe,
Nor better man the sun beneath.
Back to your hospitable den
Bear that, most argumentative of men!

Here I must pause to make an explanation:
When I began to write this rhymed oration
  x Those outside the secret supposed me in Canada.               
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