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Text for Page 227

�Twas my intent to make at least a verse on
Of all the company, every single person.
I find I can�t; some names I needs must
	jump �em,
Or else take all the rest and lump �em.
Names are there here, of which if we had
Could not be twisted into fluent rhyme.
Polhemus, Harvey, Tousey, John G. W. Nich-
God fellows all! only in rhyme ridiculous,
Here is the list as made out by John,
For me to string my rhymes upon;
And read them, too, ere any could go bed-
George, Harriet, Georgie, Jessie, Nelly Ed-
Edward, Kate and Ralph and Harry
Nothing whatever rhymes with them but pick-
But pickles they are not, but little people
Enough, as good old nurses say, to eat.
Miss Behm, Miss Edney and Miss Bonestel;
Boys! why let these ladies live alone still?               
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