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John Crockett, also Josie, Nettie, Larry,
The worthy kindred of the far-famed Davy,
Bold hunter of �the bar,� the man who said
The immortal words, �Be sure you�re right,
	then Go Ahead!�
Of Wide Awakes the first! when he soared
	towards Saturn.
He dropped his mantle and John took the
Mr Hayes senior, Mrs Hayes and Edward
Artist de Winter Garden and Theatre des Ed-
Happy the parent of a son so rare,
Pride of the public and of artists the despair!
Upon Jack�s paper there are also down
Edward and Mortimer and Josie Brown;
Jack wished me just to mention in my ditty,
That both the Josies were considered pretty,
He also hinted on this paper that he
Thought one of �em much resembled Patti;
And further stated that in all this town
No better lads he knew than Mort and Edward
  x Crockett�s business is manufacturing a superior
sort of japanned oil-cloth, of which the Wide-Awakes
capes were composed, during the recent presidential election.               
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