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Text for Page 126 [06-27-1851]

              everything by numbers.  From my soul I detest his memory, & am right glad to
think he was fairly licked at Waterloo by the old Duke. Tory though he be I do
honor Wellington. [words crossed out]
  28. Saturday. To the rock & copse fronting the Castle, sketching fore-
ground for picture, spite of the intense annoyance by insects.  Goethe�s right
I�m sure in making Mephistopheles lord of �em.  And old Giulio Cordaro, who
wrote a book to prove that insects were�nt inhabitants of Paradise, but created after-
wards to our annoyance, hath reason on his side in the former matter, though
he manifests a strange idea of Deity by the latter assertion.     Drawing in the
afternoon.  Evening bathe, as wont.
  29. Sunday.  To the bathing spot & the Castle, in unsuccessful search for
lost knife and crayon holder.   Drawing on despite intense heat & exasperating 
flies in the afternoon. Bathe at sunset.
  30. Monday.   Drawing all the morning & part of the afternoon, when I
completed the Fonthill Castle sketch on wood.   Made an essay at afternoon bathing,
tide too far out.  Sate on bar.   An number of �teamsters� brawling.   Supped.
(I remember not the name of the quaint old worthy quoted by Izaak Walton,
who said that �doubtless God might have made a better fruit than the straw-
berry, but he never did.� )     Bathe, and later on the cliffs afterwards.
Wrote an article, for accompanying the �Machine� picture for Strong.
  1. Tuesday. Paid up & embarked aboard the little Arrow, and to New York.
Called at Robinson Street, & Chamber Street.  Thence to Holt�s, where I saw him,
with others proceeding up stairs to the slaughter of small dog, presumed to be rabid. 
that Mr Hart & Dillon were, as I had anticipated at Middletown, Jersey.     To
Genins; he out of town for a day or so. To Strongs.  Then by a signboard finding that
Butler had abandoned Fowler�s Buildings, to corner of Maiden Lane & Water Street, 
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