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Text for Page 032 [09-19-1849]

              in Gotham� sketches, and home.	Ben Haun in a little lot-
tery-ticket office in Cortlandt Street. 		Drawing the
�sitting lady� for the Hartford one.
  20. Thursday.   Finished drawing, and wrote to the lady
about it � a Miss C E Beecher, of Hartford.	 In afternoon went
to Broadway, and saw Mr. Hart.	Will inquire the expense of getting
up �Cholera� and, write, in the course of a week.	   Introduced to
a Bostonian Publisher.	/ 	Evening with Joe to Harsinius,
assisting him in getting his boxes therefrom as Mr. Greatbatch and
all of them quit for New York on the morrow.
  21. Friday.   Drawing, in a very unable-to-please-myself
sort of way this Evening.   Then to New York with Joe for a ramble.
Passing down Chatham Street met Reuben, the little Jewish Schnieder,
and from him heard news of some of the Wenhamites.	Hooper 
still in New York.   Manning the elder ditto, gentleman-izing, his
brother at Washington.   Mrs. Bushel kept her resolve of deserting her
husband, � happy man he!
  22. Saturday. Drawing all day.  A bit of a lonely walk
in the Evening.
  23. Sunday.   Walk about Bergen, with Wing and Joe
in the morning, � a fine mile ramble amid the trees. Fine
view of New York from Bergen Heights.	Evening to               
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