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Text for Page 127 [07-01-1851]

              I saw him, in company with one of his new partners twain.  Thence, a long and 
walk to Madison Street & Moreys the Schnieders.  Trying on breeks & buying summer
coat & the like.     To Mulberry Street, where I dined with Mr Greatbatch & family. Got
two letters from Alf.   To Perry Street & Kentucky Hall. Heat of the weather having
presented attendance of subscribers, pictures are not yet transmited into $.   To Canal
Street.  A letter for Alf, and as I judge by outside initials from his Allom confrere 
pheelde.�  Homer and wife still �[tew hem?].�   Again to Madison; & donned and 
paid for
breeks.   Met Morey & imbibed.   Thence, calling at Chamber Street for carpet-bag, 
over to
Brooklyn and Washington Street.  Saw Mrs Peterson, left incumbrances, and after an 
waiting gazing at the river & sunset, got a boat and to Governors Island.   There with
Barth, & part of the time Creesey all evening, and at late hour to bed.  /
 So Alf wroteth that he is in love. And if the girl be as he say, in God�s name let
him love on.
  2. Wednesday. Stayed till past noon, wrote letter to Alf &c, while Barth was
taking lesson on guitar from a german, who sang �Es was un K�nig in Thule� right
gloriously.  Crossed & found all arranged at 222 Washington Street.   An hour or so,
then to New York, with letters & papers to Post Office.  Called in on J B Holmes, and 
sate awhile.  Mac came.     Return to Brooklyn & supped.  Then to New York again,
to Holts; saw Martin &c.   To Franklin Street.  Mrs Kidder, a Mr Ward, &
anon Mason & Jane Gibson.  �Lotty� goeth out �teaching� (dress making I apprehend,) 
Miss Brown (of whom the Mr Ward enquired markedly) at the Opera.        Sate till
11.  Mrs K reading remarks Charley Brown dad penned in her journal with comment 
on, then took leave, and to Brooklyn.     In tolerably spacious room, over 10 feet in 
& cleanly, looking on trees; converse with a Mr White, my room mate for a season, &
then asleep.
  3. Thursday.  Writing letter to George Bolton during the morning. In
the rear of the afternoon to New York, to Strong�s and Genin�s, both out.
Called at sat awhile at Chamber Street, a heavy rain storm falling.               
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