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              From the Charleston Courier, of some
day in the first week in January 1861.  Written
by Carlyle. 

[first newspaper clipping]
  Mr. THOS. BUTLER GUNN, an artist of the staff of
the London Illustrated News, is visiting Charleston
on a sketching tour, and is at the Charleston Hotel.
  Mr. GUNN brings credentials and references of
the best import, and is in himself a gentleman who
would need no reference beyond a good acquain-
  He may extend his tour for some time and over
a large section, and we take pleasure in commend-
ing him to the hospitable attentions and assistance
which may be within the power of any readers in
this State or in the United States.

[second newspaper clipping]
  Forty-seven of them were to leave in the
steamer Mario yesterday.  They had got their
passage reduced from $15 to $12 each, in conse-
quence of there being such a large crowd.  I
went down to pier 4.  There were only three
students on board when the Marion departed.
  Among her passengers was Thomas B. Gunn,
the artist.  He has gone down South to make
sketches for the �Illustrated London Times� or
�News.�  I gave him a letter of introduction to
your senior.
  After sketching all the prominent points in
Charleston�the Bay�the Forts�the �Conven-
tion���Legislature,� &c., he will go on to Mo-
bile, if you have anything lively there.  I have
begged him to sketch the Register office for my
private use.

[Gunn�s diary continued]
  From Scoville�s correspondence to the Mobile
Register.  I scissored it out of that paper,
finding it among the exchanges in the office
of the Charleston Courier.  The first sentence
applies to the medical students.               
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