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Text for Page 128 [07-03-1851]

              Six o�clock arriving, through it, getting very wet, to Liberty Street &
Mr Richardsons. Supped with them, and stayed here twain; all the
city being in an explosive uproar, from the boys anticipating the morrow.
Rockets from houses, fire crackers everywhere, and the summer lightning playing
merrily.     Call, and saw Genin, then to Brooklyn.
  4. Friday.  With J B Holmes to his Office in Wall Street, then to do
a landscape in color, as Paulding the destined artist had not appeared for two days.
But as he came ere I had commenced, my employ was frustrated.  After an
hours talk, out, and up Broadway mid crackers and pistol-shots to the Park.
There, a row of militia men, there white pants fearfully mudded, even to the knee
and perspiring awfully. Music and parade, fireworks everywhere. A leisurely ramble
and return to Brooklyn and dinner, Doze afterwards, broken by the advent of
Barth, who stayed the afternoon.   Joined him after tea at Castle Garden & was
shortly afterwards joined by Creesey & another from the Island. The opera of
Lucia di Lammermoor in the Italian, and well sung, the performers, whether animated
by the occasion, or desirous of creating a sensation put amazing fire in their parts.
(I think had Scotts and legend been more closely adhered to, �twould have been better,
that Lady Macbeth sort of mother of Lucy being cut out, and Bide the Bent been 
into Raymonds show that the Italian knows little of the spirit of the tale.     Imbibitions
between the acts; a full audience, and once some fair women with their white shoulders
draped in summer gossamer before us.   Fireworks, seen from the balcony, and then
we walked up Broadway to an Oyster Supper.    Parted on the Brooklyn side of the
Atlantic Street ferry, and a walk through the treed quiet streets �tew hum�.
  5. Saturday.  Mr Hart called, having just arrived from the country.   With him
to New York. To Strongs, Genins, (where I got paid $24 ) & to the �Leader�
Office.) �Era� no longer.)     Talk with Picton, then the morning waning, parted, Mr
Hart to the country,  I to Brooklyn.  Reading & in afternoon, evening to New
York, (while spacious-brimmed hat buying by the way.)     To Canal Street for things, 
then by               
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