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Text for Page 009 [01-01-1861]

            Charleston Acquaintances.
Rejoining Colt again, either at the hotel
or at Adam�s Express office, we had some
pistol practice in company with Lindsay and
presently, I think, with Frank Wood, in a large
upper room, at the top of the building.   After
dinner I was out again with folks and intro-
duced to the President of the Vigilance Committee,
who jocularly took me by the beard and told
me that he knew all about me, what I had come
to Charleston for � that he had been informed
as to these particulars within two hours o fmy
arrival(!)   He was a square-set man, with an
unpleasant face, rather Irish in character.
In the afternoon, I went with Carlyle, Colt
and a certain St. Clair M. Morgan, a Ten-
nessean to the Arsenal, riding thither in Mor-
gan�s carriage.        He was a young fellow, w
very jerky-minded, burning to display his mili-
tary knowledge; I think he had studied at
West Point.       He antagonized with Colt; the
latter, though assuming great candor and good-
will never being able to resist the temptation of
advancing unfavorable views of the South and 
Secession.     Morgan, like us, was staying at the
Charleston Hotel, he owned a negro whom he
used to order about not a little.     I remember               
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