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Text for Page 011 [01-01-1861]

	A Seceding U. S. Major.
and after we had looked at the exterior of the
surrounding barracks and drank at a pump
or fountain in the centre (I forget which) we
were invited into the room of the late command-
er of the Arsenal, Major Humphrey U. S. A.
who was there only on sufferance from the South
Carolinian authorities, for they had virtually,
though not practically, taken possession of the Ar-
senal and all its contents and Humphrey might
be considered a nominal prisoner, though he
was free to leave and intended in a day or two
to embark for Florida, his native state, there
to do a little hunting for relaxation in the Ever-
glades, anon (so Carlyle told me) to throw up
his commission in the army of the federal govern-
ment and to share the fortunes of the South.
He knew Carlyle very well and made us heartily
welcome, producing whiskey, wine and cigars.
There was present also a cheery, old, white-haired
negro, who seemed the personification of happiness
and good-humor; Carlyle shook him by
the hand and talked with him as with an old
acquaintance.   This man was a slave.  He wait-
ed upon us as though he loved us.      Leaving,
after an hour�s stay, at Morgan�s suggestion
we went to see a German company, he appre-               
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