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Text for Page 012 [01-01-1861]

	A German Militia Company.
hending some opportunity for ridicule in their inex-
pertness.         We met by the way, and I was intro-
duced to Captain Jack Cunningham, otherwise known
as �fighting Jack,� proprietor of the �Charleston Eve-
ning News� (a poor paper, with but little circulation)
and the hero of a bloody duel.         At the barrack,
we found the company of German militia, filling
a small room, playing cards and smoking, while
their muskets stood stacked outside, in the drizzle!
Morgan in his most consequential West Point man-
ner, spoke to the captain of the company, ordered
the arms in, &c.     The Germans were very honest,
hospitable fellows, bade us come near the fire;
one composed of logs burning on old fashioned iron
dogs, and offered us drink and cigars.             I had
a glass or so of uncommonly good English ale,
and drank to their corps and stood warming my-
self; with the uniforms, arms, lights and shadows
and faces; it was a picturesque scene.    We drove
to the hotel afterwards and I forget the rest
of the evening.     It was possibly spent in the
hall of the hotel, that �on charge� of gossip, pos-
sibly included an hour or two, about midnight,
in the editorial room of the Charleston �Courier�
  I have omitted one scene which, I think, must
have occurred this morning, on my rejoining Colt,               
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