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Text for Page 013 [01-01-1861]

     A quarrel between Colt & Woodward.
at Adam�s Express Office �� No! it didn�t
though, for now I remember its occurrence,
before the night at the Courier office which intro-
duced to me Bryan the Kennedy-admiring law-
yer.      So it must have chanced in December.
However as its worth chronicling, here�s to do
it.            Colt, then, and myself, were in the
Express Office, after a drizzly morning�s walk
down town.     I sat with my feet on a chair
near the big central stove and dozed.     I have
already stated that Colt entertained a good deal
of jealous and ill-will towards Lindsay and
thought that Woodward favored his rival in
the sale of arms, depreciating both the man and
his merchandize.    Colt was going to return to
New York in a day or two and had some final
business to transact with Woodward, in the course
of which, he tempted him to the offer of some
bet, I think about the quality of the rival arms,
and accepting it, said, �Now I�ve got you where
I want you; I�ve been waiting for that!�         This
angered the Marylander, he took it as an avow-
al of a deliberate design to make money out of
him.    He ordered Colt out of the Office and
their was a row directly; Colt half defying,
half-reproaching him as a �brother Mason� &c,               
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