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Text for Page 017 [01-01-1861]

	An abortive Challenge.
the affair.   (I have forgot to state that he had
become reconciled to the Express agent.)  Wood-
ward came, heard the story, was friendly and
promised that he�d get Morgan arrested for debt,
if he didn�t leave Charleston in consequence of
his licking.     That done he went away.    (He
was a member of the Vigilance Committee and I
could not but be conscious of the propinquity of
the letter which had been so curiously interrupt-
ed.)       The Georgian returning with his pistol,
took Colt off to take a drink and chances of
manslaughter, when I locked the door again
and went on with my letter.          I saw no
more of Colt until the evening, when, after
I had had my tea, I went to Adam�s Ex-
press Office to look for him.   There he sat
on the raised platform or dais at one end of
the immense room, a navy revolver in the pocket
of his cloak, while Morgan and two or
three others were near the door.   Woodward
was not present.      A challenge had passed,
from Morgan to Colt, but after some inad-
missable manner according to the code.   Colt
professed to be ready but not to want to fight
him.        He really was anxious and not unnattural-
ly to avoid it, fancying he might be way-laid               
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