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Text for Page 018 [01-01-1861]

       An �Enthusiast� about the Slave-Trade!
and shot in the back, set upon by numbers or
the like, in consideration of his being a stranger
and a New Yorker.        He had consulted Charley
Lamar, an acquaintance of his (a man who had
attained notoriety in consequence of his ownership
and captainship of the slaver Wanderer � and
to whom I was introduced over the dinner-table
at the Charleston Hotel) and got this advice,
�If he give you any trouble, call him out and
shoot him.�   (I must add here, that the Charles-
tonians speak of the Slave-trade as thought it were
an amiable weakness � a virtue pushed to excess.
�He�s quite an enthusiast on the subject!� said Car-
lyle to me, speaking of Lamar.     Yet Bird his gen-
tle-hearted brother-in-law utterly abhorred the acc-
ursed traffic.)        To return to the quarrel.     I took
a chair beside Colt and waited.           He returned
my revolver to me, so that I had two (!) both 
loaded.     He requested me, in case of a rush
being made upon him, of which he was apprehen-
sive, to cover Morgan�s second who I think was
a Virginian and am sure was an ass.         Wearing
a military costume he came forwards at length
and demanding to speak with Colt, drew him be-
hind a screen, from which they presently emer-
ged continuing the conversation.   Morgan, it seem-               
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