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Text for Page 019 [01-01-1861]

	Colt returns North.
ed had misrepresented the circumstances lead-
ing to the fight to his second, who was at once
consequential and ignorant and who talked jerk-
ily of some authority on duelling, but after more
blatherskite refused to proceed on behalf of his
principal, to whom he withdrew and presently
carried off.    There was more dreary waiting on
our part, at length I got Colt out at a side
door and we went through bye-streets and the
rain down town, he apprehensive all the time
of being waylaid and set upon.       Carlyle was
not at the Courier office, so we returned to
the hotel, having oysters at my suggestion by
the way.     Colt came into my room where there
was a dull fire and I read Dickens to him,
I think Great Expectations.   Subsequently we
got to reciting poetry and I made him so ner-
vous with Hood�s Eugene Aram that he cut
me short.       And by midnight we parted and
each sought his bed.         Next day Colt re-
turned to New York by steamboat, the last
I saw of him being his face in the hotel coach
which was to bear him to the wharf.    I missed
him awhile, for we had been much together,
on some nights sitting in my former chamber
drinking sufficiently bad whiskey, a bottle               
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