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Text for Page 020 [01-04-1861]

	A Trip to Sullivan�s Island.
of which we ordered up from the bar, getting
also by the exercise of some patience, sugar and
a huge iron skillet, in which to heat water.
But Colt�s influence was generally depressing,
altogether I did not regret his departure.      By
the by Frank Wood visited me on the night before,
after Colt had left my room, to learn the parti-
culars of the row.                  On Friday the 4th,
I hurried off after a late breakfast to the pier
at the foor of the Market Street, adjacent to the un-
finished Custom-house and there joined Carlyle
on board the little steamer Osiris, for a trip to
Sullivan�s island.       I found my tall editorial
friend on the upper deck, smoking and was pre-
sently introduced to sundry persons, among them
a Mr Kynaston, a middle-aged Englishman of
the bagman or commercial traveller sort, and a
very good fellow.   He had lived in the South
some years, experiencing divers incidental diseases,
one known as the �broken-bone fever.�     There
were many volunteers on board, and provisions,
bound for the forts.    The day proved lovely, sun-
ny and warm.           Carlyle must needs make in-
terest with a negress stewardess in whose small
cabin we partook of whiskey.    At Castle Pinck-
ney there was some delay and a very lively               
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