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Text for Page 021 [01-04-1861]

             Forts Sum^|t|ner & Moultrie.
scene, for the Zouave troop garrisoning it ran
round the fort to the wharf in a brisk trot pe-
culiar to their corps, while others formed in free
and easy style, musket in hand and talked
with acquaintances on board the Osiris.   On
we steamed again, getting a near view of Fort
Sumter, with its defiant stars and stripes steam-
ing in the breeze of the bright, glad, sunny mor-
ning.    Carlyle pointed out the localities to me,
the distant lines of sandy shore, the groves and
palmetto trees.       Disembarking at length at Sul-
livan�s island, we must, of course, first of
all take a preliminary drink.     Then Carlyle
borrowed a telescope and we looked at the
sand-scape and bay, anon trudging through
the village of Moultrieville in land.  All around
us was hot, sunny and sandy, the queer
wooden houses quite deserted, sand choking
their yards and gardens and spiky plants
menacing you over the pales.   Arrived at Fort
Moultrie, we found a couple of young fellows
with crossed muskets and bayonets on guard
at the entrance and many volunteers and idlers
looking on.    Carlyle wouldn�t try to obtain
admission, so we passed into an opposite field,
the gate of which was kept by two young men               
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