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Text for Page 022 [01-04-1861]

               Paul Hayne and Charley Lamar.
with crossed swords, looking like overgrown
bowie-knives.     A Columbia company had en-
camped in this field and the houses adjoining,
in all the panoply of expectant warfare.    Carlyle
knew everybody, of course, and we must fain
enter one of the rooms adjacent and pay our res-
pects to the �whiskey of the country,� an elderly officer
with spectacles being our host.             By 3 o�clock
we returned to the city, when Kynaston invited
us into the store of his employers, on East Bay,
to drink Byass� pale ale.           Then we went to
the �Courier� office, from whence I took Carlyle
with me to the hotel, to dinner, at which, I think
Marchant was present.        At a neighboring table
were Paul Hayne (the poet of Charleston) and
Lamar, to both of whom I was introduced.
Going up-stairs subsequently, Frank Wood came
to me, to borrow one of my revolvers, as a �pro-
tection�; I lent it to him.          After tea, I re-
ceived a letter from Haney, written at 745
Broadway �amid the wreck of muslin and the
crush of merinos,� and dated December 27.
It gave me an account of the Christmas fes-
tivities, telling how �every one was self-possessed
and Jack created a profound impression in the 
mad scene, �how� Tousey looked particularly well               
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