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Text for Page 023 [01-04-1861]

               Haney�s Account of the
as Helen and some of the young men fell
in love with him before they were informed of
his real sex � their love of course was like
all such rapid growths subject to early death
and decay.�  (A pretended gird at his own
case here.)   �Nicholas,� he continued, �carried
off the admiration of the ladies by his grace
and good voice; Jack Crockett was the most 
gorgeously dressed; Welles fearfully and won-
derfully made up � a cross between a school-
boy and a bandit � a Gipsy Tinker or Don
Cezar de Bazan being the nearest thing to
it.      Larry Crockett was good and funny;
Hayes wouldn�t take your (my) part but promp-
ted, dressed and managed.       After the play
Nicholas sang, I (Haney) recited, Jack did
the �What is It?� with Tousey for lecturer
� both capital � and Larry sang Ratcatcher�s
Daughter.�     The Candy Bag, an attempt at
round games (a failure) the Caledonians
and supper succeeded.   After Mr and Mrs
Edwards were toasted, Jim�s Christmas
poem was read and proved to be a capital
success; other toasts followed and dancing
�set in with unusual severity und and lasted
till 2 o�clock,� when the company began to               
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