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Text for Page 024 [01-04-1861]

	Christmas Doings at 745.
thin out, though a few remained till 3 �.�  Nicho-
las was as devoted, as usual, in a certain quarter,
and, I think, was more kindly entreated than
usual.  Mattie looked best, bright, happy and
curly.  Katy Nichols was the most beautiful girl
in the room � you know the difference between
these two sentences.    Eliza was dressed to advan-
tage.      Everybody enjoyed it very much  x  x  forty
five jolly good fellows and fellowesses.      Your
absence was much remarked and Miss Anne
seemed to regret it more than anybody else.
Have you become necessary to her.�   Oh! Willie
we have missed you!       �There was nobody to 
sing in the basement when we had pipes.      Jim
enjoyed himself greatly, and remained till near-
ly 2.        Good!       We saw Miss Chapman, Jack
Crockett�s fianc� (is she all his fianc� painted
him?  hope so!) a nice lady-like looking
girl, though pale, a niece and daughter by
adoption of Windust of restaurant celebrity.  Old
Mr. Crockett was here, and slept at the house,
as did Larry and wife, all the Nicholas�s and
three young George�s, ten in all.  Quite a caravan-
serial look the house had in its upper regions.�
My �Suicide� story is thus justifiably bantered:
�Try another  x  x  a man�s putting his head into               
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