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Text for Page 025 [01-04-1861]

	    �Young Vitriol.�
scalding water because his sweethearts hair
wont curl; or make one in love with six women
in succession who all reject him, let him flay
himself and sprinkle salt on his cuticle while
they all destroy themselves with pounded glass
because he wouldn�t ask them once more before
he took his rash and final step.       Hide and Sick
would be a tolerable title for such a story.  x  x
Poor Knudsen�s wife died in the Bloomingdale Asy-
lum, quite suddenly, the day after Christmas.    He
is much grieved, the more so because he fancies
everything about his levity in enjoying himself
at Christmas, while she was so ill.         Poor man!
no one has less need to accuse himself.�        Being
at the Courier Office this evening, I found
with Carlyle, a young beardless lad of twenty,
rather thin and slight in figure, but of mid-
dle height, with round grey eyes, rather an ac-
quiline nose, a decided mouth and anything but
an agreable expression of countenance.   His face
only lacked vigor and fellness to have served
for an exact model for a Grand Inquisitor.
There was a look of latent, dangerous fanaticism
in it which fascinated and repelled you.      This
youth proved to be none other than John Michel,
son to the Irish convict-patriot and was horri-               
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