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Text for Page 026 [01-04-1861]

        Captain Coste �suspicious� Frank Wood.
bly worthy of his paternity.     His father, by the
bye, was in Paris, acting and correspondent to the
Charleston �Mercury.�  Young Vitriol had come
from Alabama, the state of his adoption, to of-
fer his services, to South Carolina in the holy
cause of Secession, concerning which he was ram-
pant.     He had a good manner and address, was
a land surveyor or engineer by profession and
evidently considered his parentage as conferring
merited distinction upon him.       With Carlyle
we went up to the Mills House, where were many
persons to whom Mitchel and myself were intro-
duced and a good deal of drinking done.        We
journeyed to and fro from the hotel hall to
the bar room, along the shady quadrangle three
or four times.    Captain Coste was there, looking
more terrier-like than ever, a little drunk and
disposed to be suspicious of Frank Wood, for when
that young man�s name was mentioned he inquired
�Why he wasn�t around with folks? &c.�  I told
him what Wood had informed me, that he intended
visiting some Charleston friends that evening, on
which he repeated with drunken pertinacity, �He
ain�t gone to see no friends!�     There had been
some previous talk about Wood in connection with
the �World� which every day was becoming more ini-               
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