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Text for Page 027 [01-04-1861]

	Exultant Secessionists.
mical to the Secessionists and South Carolina,
inasmuch that its Charleston correspondent
was more than uneasy about it and talked
every day of returning to New York.   In the
course of our pereginations between the bar and
hall of the hotel, Wood returned, when I told
him Coste�s remark, not softening it, at which
he was much moved and resolved on incontinent-
ly securing his passage northwards, professing
himself very much obliged to me for my informa-
tion!       And so he ascended to his room in a de-
cided state of funk, despite his intimacy with
Paul Hayne, his knowledge of the president of the
Vigilance Committee and the like.      We continued
fluctuating about the Mills House awaiting the
return of the embassy to Washington, the mem-
bers of which were in council with Governor Pickens.
Among the persons to whom I was introduced
was a Mr Washington, a Virginian and a 
Georgian, exultant in the news that his state
had seized its forts &c before seceding.  There
were a batch of citadel cadets too, in the bar-
room, exceeding drunken, foolish and bragging
youths who toasted South Carolina and d____d
the North in a edifying manner.     It was past
midnight when Carlyle, Mitchel and I               
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