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Text for Page 031 [01-04-1861]

	Letters from Boweryem
�Submissionist� to a friend of his, in an Ala-
bama ball-room, when the exasperated Souther-
ner drew a bowie-knife and made a cut at
his breast, slicing a huge gash in his coat.   On
which, �I took the liberty of putting a bullet
into his hat� said Vitriol junior.    �There were
a hundred people between us in a minute and
we made it up and shook hands,� he added,
telling me also that Dean and Adams� patent
was his favorite weapon.                     I must
have received a letter from Boweryem during
these four first days of January; one which
bears the date of December 27.   It has news
of Mc. Elrath�s assuming control of the �Century�
and Stockton becoming editor, mentions that its
writer �passed a dull Christmas at the �Pha-
lanx,� being �very coldly received.  Not having
made any decided advances it was easy to
withdraw, when I became aware of my mis-
take� (in re Mary Bucklin of course.)     �I
have a warm welcome awaiting me at Fort Lee,�
continues Boweryem, �and shall go there on New
Year�s day.  x  x  The eldest daughter ^|is| char
ming.�    Half of the letter contains an amusing
domestic burlesque of Secession and Revolution
as appropriate to 132 Bleecker street.          I               
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