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Text for Page 032 [01-04-1861]

	And Jack Edwards.
had a batch of letters too, from 745 Broadway,
(to which I wrote one on the second) affording
mere Christmas items.    Writes Jack �Dinner
at 2 �; monster turkies at either end of the
board � new forks, our (the girls and his) pre-
sent � bottles of champagne (Jim�s present) �
the persons present beside the family, Haney,
Knudsen, George, Jessie, Nichols and his five
children.  x  x  x  The girls and mother gave
Haney the decanters and a dozen colored glasses
in a tray.  x  x  In the play Haney �had a suit
of Jefferson�s and a black eye, altogether pre-
senting a villanous and disreputable appearance.
Nicholas came out in a gorgeous dress from the cos-
tumiers� as did Jack Crockett.           The two last
insisted on a rehearsal just before the rise of
the curtain.      Jim�s poem �brought down the
house.�         The girls thank me for my Christ-
mas presents severally; Sally copies Jim�s lines
concerning me, comments ironically on Fanny
Fern�s absence and that of her party and ends
her three pages of pink note-paper by hoping I
don�t feel lonely and that it mayn�t be long
before they see me again.    Fanny did a headache
at Mrs Thomson�s after dinner as I learn from
Eliza�s note, the crossed last page of Sally�s               
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