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Text for Page 034 [01-04-1861]

	        And its Features.

[two photographs of the Battery]

			harbour, with Forts
			Sumter, Pinckney,
			Moultrie and John-
			stone in the distance.
			Plots of thin clover
			a perfect wonder in
			this grassless land,
			promenades, neatly-
			fenced and covered
			with broken shells
(Looking towards.)    	 instead of gravel;
			a handsome bronze
			lantern-stand, twen-
			ty-five feet high,
			meant for a bea-
			con; a long and
			solid stone quay,
(At the junction of the two rivers.)     the first sea-walk
in the United States; a background of the best
houses in Charleston, three-storied and faced with
verandas): such are the features of the Battery.
  x  x  Standing on this side of the Ashley and
looking across it, you naturally see the other side.
The long line of nearly dead level, with its stretches
of thin pine forest and its occasional glares of
open sand, gives you an idea of the whole country               
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