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Text for Page 035 [01-04-1861]

	Will Waud in Charleston.
about Charleston, except that in general you
ought to add to the picture a number of noble
evergreen oaks, bearded with pendent weird-
looking Spanish moss, and occasional green
spikes of the tropical-looking Spanish bayonet.�
This extract is from a capital article entitled
�Charleston Under Arms,� which appeared in
the April number of the �Atlantic Magazine.�
  I wrote letters to the �Post� both on January
the second and third.
  5.  Saturday.   I was told by Mixer, the land-
lord�s son, at the bar of the hotel, that a Mr.
Waud had arrived.   Now Woodward had inform-
ed me previously of the presence of one in Charles-
ton during the Democratic Convention, but I had
not identified which, forgetting that Will had gone
hither for Frank Leslie.          Presently I met
him in the hall, got up in a rough but fash-
ionable suit of mixed colors, producing a general
effect of neutral tint, adopted, as he told me
afterwards, in case he might have to be �under
fire.�      He was cool and self-possessed, as usual,
did his little knowing strut in walking, and
seemed friendly, though he presently intimated
that �perhaps we�d better not be seen too much
together,� which I bore in mind subsequently.               
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