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Text for Page 037 [01-05-1861]

	  Charleston Localities.
cigar store and to a boot-store.   Talking indicen-
tally of O�Brien, young Mitchel volunteered
some uncomplimentary information respecting him;
how he, O�B. had pretended, on his arrival
in this country, to be a first cousin to Smith O�
Brien (which I could confirm, for I heard
him say it ten years ago) until Meagher de-
nied it, emphatically with contemptuous men-
tion of the pretender.     To dinner at the hotel.
Afterwards, with Waud strolled to the citadel,
where cavalry were drilling, galloping about in
good style.         It was a lovely May-like after-
noon and we strolled about the suburbs of
the town, had a look at the Pinckney house,
which is as quaint a bit of Queen Anne�s
time as one would desire to see, barring some
out-of-place additions, I think in the shape 
of doorway or piazza      By East Bay
we came to the Battery and there loitered
away the sunset, looking at the Bath-house,
the schooner and James Island in the dis-
tance.         There were some women about who
looked, we remarked, rather English, in their
quiet costumes, though South Carolinian women
dress showily enough in-doors.        We got talk-
ing of Charley Damoreau among other things,               
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