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Text for Page 039 [01-05-1861]

               Serenading a Slave-Broker.
sequently we went to the Express office where
were Lindsay, Marchant, Woodward and others,
awaiting the arrival of a German band of music
with which it had been arranged to serenade
a Mr Benjamin Mordecai, who had given the
sum of $1,000 to the state of South Carolina
which fact had been duly chronicled and com-
mended in this day�s papers.      When the band
arrived, it entered the Express office and played
sundry tunes, particularly Dixie, with a blare
of brazen instruments maddening to listen to.
W. Waud had gone off to visit some acquain-
tances, so when a procession was formed, I
walked arm in arm with Marchant through
Meeting, into King and further up a quiet
street until we reached the residence of Mor-
decai the Jew � for Jew he was and Slave-
broker also, as well as money lender and stock-
jobber.       The band played, the concourse
cheered, the door opened and an invitation to
enter was accorded in the words �Gentlemen
walk in!�        And we did walk into two
nearly furnished rooms front and rear,
where there occurred a good deal of crowding
and, in the latter, a good deal of drinking
with toasts considered appropriate to the               
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