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Text for Page 040 [01-05-1861]

	Convivial Secessionists
occasion.   Woodward, in proposing that of our
host, said, �I�ll give you, gentlemen, Benja-
min Mordecai, the friend of Liberty!� when
all the people cheered.   Nobody seemed alive to
the tremendous absurdity of it.       After promiscuous
champagne, cigars and whiskey, round a huge
table which the crowd made an island of, the
majority started off, some twenty or thirty of
us receiving a private intimation to return and
make a night of it.         And we did so.      It was
rather an Israelitish assemblage, hooky noses,
black eyes and turgid lips preponderating.   Morde-
cai himself appeared an elderly and most hospitable
Hebrew.    The night, though wet, was not cold,
the room full, hence the windows opening on the
outer piazza or corridor were open, and each
one exhibited its complement of grinning black
faces.       It appeared a free and easy, hearty
crowd enough, curiously local, even colonial
in sentiment.    Woodward loomed up pretty
prominently, making brief speeches, in one of
which he said that his trade was that of an
Express man and that he�d express South Caro-
lina right out of the Union! whereat, of course,
the crowd cheered.  The Queen was toasted
and �England and South Carolina! Mother               
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