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Text for Page 041 [01-05-1861]

	Out for a Drive.
and daughter!� when I was called upon
to respond and to sing God save the Queen,
to which they bore chorus.   (It was a pet
sentiment during Secession time, that South
Carolina would rather become a colony of
Great Britain than return to a detested
Union.)    W. Waud was of the party and
sang a song.       Stories were told, a Mr Lavine,
a man with an extremely Jewish countenance
emplyed in the custom-house, distinguish-
ing himself in gross ones.     At half past
one I left and went home to bed, W. Waud
remaining for a couple of hours later.
  6.  Sunday.   W. Waud had a promise
from some pilot to place a boat at his dis-
posal, in which we intended making a tour
of the bay, but the pilot didn�t appear.   To
the Planter�s Hotel, Courier and Adam�s
Express office, saw Carlyle.    Dined with
W. Waud and Lindsay, then to Express
office again.   Into a carriage with Wood-
ward, Gonzalez (a Spaniard or Cuban), Lind-
say and W. W. through the suburbs, out
on a plank road.    A lovely, sunny, cool
afternoon.   To the house of a certain Colo-
nel Brown, a hearty old Kentuckian,               
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