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Text for Page 043 [01-06-1861]

                A Letter from Bigelow.
Returning, we looked in at Woodward�s
house, being introduced to his wife and some
lady friend, also a child or two, to all of whom
Lindsay was most politically friendly.   W. Waud
too, these ladies had met before, in convention
time.    Woodward showed very hospitable though
he was far from well.             Returned to the hotel
and remained in doors during the evening.
  I must have received a note from Bigelow
during the past four or five days, for it bears
the date of Jan 2.         He wrote, of course under
the assumed name of Edgar Bolton, �was glad
to learn that I was getting on so well with my
sketches as it would be difficult for the people
of the old country to comprehend what was going
on in Charleston without &c &c.�, thought
that none of my favors had missed �(but pray
don�t get into any trouble)� � didn�t see how a
collision could be avoided, anticipated that
Maryland would go with the South, encoura-
ging the plans to transfer the Capitol to the
Secessionists, which of course would involve a
war; bade me attend to my own business,
would be glad to hear from me but request-
ed me not to write anything to compromise
me (�let the Americans skin their own skunks.)
and addressed his letter to the British Consul,               
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