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Text for Page 044 [01-06-1861]

        Letters from Boweryem, Cobb and Haney.
not knowing precisely what was my address.
  I also got a letter from Boweryem, inclosing
one from Cobb.   The first related how G. B., on
going to the office of the �Illustrated News,� found
Hayes, the Wauds, and �the rest of the fellows�
acquainted with my departure for Charleston;
as my name had been published in the Marion�s
list of passengers.  �They were full of it.�  Damo-
reau had called on �Edgar Bolton� to inquire
about me, obtaining little information.  Cobb�s
letter is two pages of kindness and hearty friend-
ship.       One from Haney, dated Jan. 5, contains
the following items.   Only made calls on New
Years� Day, on Knudsen, Miss Brown and Tou-
sey, Mr. Edwards and Jack accompanying.   The 
evening (at 745) rather dull, but kept up till
12.     Yesterday the fast-day appointed by Presi-
dent Buchanan � stores closed, churches open.
Nicholas at 745 last evening.   On the night of
the 3rd, a party at 16th street, when Mrs. Pot-
ter closed her shutters to deaden the sound of
�Dixie� (sung I suppose by the girls and everybody
else in the Hayes� room.)         Bellew has written,
saying that Cahill has had a very bad time of
it � Bellew evidently supports him (?) Initials
of Bellew�s in �Punch�; he has joined the Arun-               
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