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Text for Page 045 [01-06-1861]

                 A Negro�s Unveracity.
del club and speaks hopefully of his London
prospects.         I find a letter, too, from
Mr Edwards, dated Jan 6, acknowledging
the receipt of one of mine written on Jan 2,
re-telling the Christmas doings at 745,
speaking of the death of Knudsen�s wife and
describing the hoaxing of Jack Crockett by Tou-
sey�s assumption of female attire, which the
old gentleman had apparently forgotten that
I was a witness of.
  7.  Monday.   I had arranged with W. Waud
to accompany him and Carlyle to Sullivan�s
Island, but missed it.          They sent a nigger
upstairs to summons me and he naturally pre-
ferred lying to ascending four stairs, so he
told �em I wasn�t in my room.       Out to the
Express Office, where were Lindsay, Wood-
ward and others.         To Courier Office, saw
Bird, to the ferry-wharf and to Kynaston�s
business place.    Loafing with him up (or down)
East Bay, up Broad, to Meeting street, into
the Express office again.   There was a very
handsome �double-repeating� revolver there, to
be presented to Captain Coste, ostensibly by
friends and citizens of Charleston, really as
an advertisement and propitiation by Lind-               
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