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Text for Page 046 [01-07-1861]

	Letter Writing and Loafing.
say.     With Kynaston to the theatre, which we
found empty and strolled about, behind and
below the stage at pleasure.    Parting, I strolled
down King Street; returning to the hotel, to dine
in company with Lindsay.      Wrote a letter �
my fourth long one � to the �Evening Post� in the
afternoon.        W. Waud returned at sunset;
he had made some sketches, principally one of
Fort Sumter, another of Pinckney.    We went out
together in the evening, dropping in at the Spaniard�s
cigar-store, drinking brandy at a little den in
the rear and then going to the Express Office;
where Carlyle came, bringing with him a French
drill-master from Georgia.           It was a damp,
raw night, and we all adjourned to the hotel
and its bar subsequently.       What an innumera-
ble crowd of persons I was introduced to, to
be sure!
  8.  Tuesday.   Writing letters to Jack Edwards
and the girls; W. Waud at work in his room
on elaborating his sketches; both of us at our em-
ployments till 3. P.M.             Then to dinner; anon
to Express Office.  Parted with Waud, met Car-
lyle and took a long walk with him, from King
Street to the city-outskirts.    It was a sunny, yet
cool day.    We met a company of rough-looking               
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