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Text for Page 132 [07-08-1851]

              He was a friend of Hooks & figures in Gilbert Gurney as �Dale.�  Hook
wrote his anticipatory epitaph�thus �Here lies Sam Beazley
					Who lived hard and died easily.�
He was polite to every body. He made a sort of Jorkins of his sister, an old maid
& cripple, of whom we�d be informed �Miss Beazley didn�t like poster pots being
seen in the Office.� &c.       He, let him return home from whatever place, or whatever
how would read through a Chapter of the Bible.
  9.  Wednesday.   Finished drawing & to Strongs with it. Paid $6 for it.  To Canal
Street for stone bottle & to Cedar St for whiskey for the morrow.     Afternoon to New 
again, Strongs for fresh block, Genins, then Across the Atlantic Street ferry, waited at
water side with intent to go to the Island, but no boat to be had.     Evening to the
dwelling of Roberts; the companions for cruising being there.  Left & to New York,
to Holt�s for old coat &c, when returning a grand storm of thunder & lightning,
blue glare all around you & the wet streets torrent like.
  10. Thursday. To Roberts� by 8.   Conveying things to the boat with the other fel-
lows, sturdy & good tempered; two of Butler�s brothers, the one in Genin�s employ
& another; & engravers ^|also|, (or �woodpeckers�s as Roberts called �em.)  He himself 
shaved off his black beard and was scarcely recognizable.     At the basin by the Bath-
house, there getting things aboard, into boat hired for the purpose, which was to be
towed by our sailing one. I crossed to New York to fill barrel with the Crotan.
Great to do & at bout noon all, seven in number, aboard, sail up, and
off we go, �Joe� Butler in the boat holding provant.   A brisk breeze, and we
scudded before it in great style,  now a wet shirt from a wave washing over us,
now flute-playing by Engraver ^|(Fay)| with red moustache and hat like a crushed
bell; now singing �Life on the Ocean Wave� or nigger choruses in exhilarating
style, Roberts taking the lead. Thus right across to Staten Island, where
we anchored and some three or four went ashore, where they stayed over
an hour & more, we regaling an hour, bread & whiskey & water, in frater
nal style, & merrily, all sunlight & sparkling water about us. Anon
they return with another �woodpecker� yclept Swinton, good looking fellow; up
sail, and coasting the shore. Weather changing, the sky became overcast,               
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