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Text for Page 048 [01-09-1861]

            �The Star of the West� fired on.
  9.  Wednesday.   Another day of interest and
excitement in Charleston.  The �Star of the West�
steamer, sent with reinforcements to Fort Sum-
ter and Major Anderson, is fired into by the
Morris Island battery.   I heard of it, first, from
Lindsay at the Express office; not knowing of
course, then, that Hills of the �Evening Post� was
on board.   (He wrote a good account of it on his
return, which sold the copy of the paper in which
it was printed immensely.)      From the Express,
I went to the �Courier office,� finding a crowd (for
Charleston) round both the bulletin-boards of
that and the �Mercury� and considerable ex-
citement.   The latter stated that the steamer was
�badly hulled,� that she might have to run a-shore
when a land-battle must be imminent and more,
which the result contradicted.    At the �Courier�
Office, which I found temporarily untenanted, I
wrote a hasty note to the �Evening Post,� on Car-
lyle�s desk, in pencil, using editorial paper, and
then rushed over the way and mailed it.         Re-
turning, Bird came in shortly afterwards.
Up-town anon.   A crowd thronging round an
officer carrying a flag of truce from Fort
Sumter, � I followed .        At the Express Of-
fice, almost opposite the house of Governor               
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