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Text for Page 051 [01-09-1861]

	Frank Wood still Scared.
�Mercury� Office.     Returning, I went, as promised,
to the Mills House, to see F. Wood, who was
going to return to New York by rail that night
or to-morrow morning and who I found at the
Express Office.          His apprehensions as to his
safety were by no means lessened, since his re-
turn, for the �World� had been coming out es-
pecially strong, denouncing Secession and Char-
leston, joking at the expense of Keitt &c.   �It
calls them all blasted Idiots!� said he to me
when I met him, this morning, in the Courier
Office.   He confessed that he had begged Riordan,
a young fellow on the Mercury, not to quote
from the World, in case it might excite the popu-
ar feeling against him, in spite of his rank
Secession letters.   He told me too that he had
been up into the two newspaper offices to �hock�
the World from among the exchanges, so that
the editors and folks shouldn�t see it.     He had
left off corresponding with the d____d paper, he
averred � wouldn�t have anything to do with
it � he had told everybody so.       He was very
friendly, as people generally are when scared.
He gave me his photograph � one of a dozen
which he had had taken recently in Charles-
ton, a duplicate of which I saw exhibited for               
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