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Text for Page 053 [01-09-1861]

              Will Waud�s Sketching Stopped.
there presently entered a young fellow in a military
uniform who went up to the proprietor, Courtenay,
and whispered him.      A little knot got together,
from which Courtenay advanced to request that
Waud would not sketch there, as �public feeling seem-
ed to be against it.�      The young fire-eater, too, blus-
tered, that by G_d, they didn�t want anything pub-
lished about them in the G__ d__m Northern pa-
pers.    Waud took it coolly and sensibly, left off
and crossed to the �Mercury� Office, where the folks
laughed at the incident.      It annoyed W. W. a
good deal, though � and also gave him a justifi-
cation for even more loafing than he naturally in-
clines towards, which is considerable.          There was
a proposition this evening to go on a night-cruise
again with the Aiken and I saw Waud and
some of the others off into a boat from a wharf
near the Battery at about 10 P.M. returning
to drop in at the �Courier� office, where I found
Bryan and some Tennesseeans.     I missed nothing
by declining the night-trip and got a sound night�s
  10.  Thursday.   The usual after breakfast
cigar at the Express Office, then letter-writing
to the girls at 745.         Down town to the Post
Office, where I met Vitriol junior, who boasted
how he had seen the Star of the West fired               
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